Tuesday, July 5, 2011

John Franklin-A Living Legacy

A Living Legacy

      July 6th, John Franklin’s first Birthday in heaven.  I’m not sure he’s having a party. I hope so because the man celebrated everything for everybody!! I know when Jesus comes and we are on the New Earth we will celebrate all things good, but I’m not sure that’s happening now, never-the-less; I can give my tribute to this man who was adored by his family and friends and respected by everyone that knew him --even if they thought he was a little weird! HA! I’ll never understand why the good die young, but God is Sovereign and we must say: “Yes Lord”.

     I have been researching and preparing for this years’ Grandmother & Papa Camp which is Red, White, Blue, & You.  As you might guess-America’s Christian heritage.  I came across something that was written about Abraham Lincoln that certainly was appropriate for him, but after I read it a couple of times I thought of my son-in-law John Franklin..

      “ He died with every circumstance of tragedy, yet it is not the accident of his death, but the purpose of his life that is remembered”..

     John Franklin’s death is and will always be a tragedy to us who loved him, but he knew his purpose and sought to fulfill that purpose everyday of his life.  Do you know your purpose?  It’s really simple.  Our purpose in life is to bring glory to God our Father who made us for Himself just because He wanted to love us.  John knew this and lived it daily.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY John, and thank you for showing us what we are here for.                                                 

                Save us a place at the table……we'll be along "da-rectly"....

Love in Him,

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