Saturday, June 26, 2010

Evaluation Grandmother Camp 2010

What an awesome God we serve.  I just wish I was smart enough to know how to post our little program on the web.  It was fantastic. When Papa gets his pictures from the camera to the computer I will post some pics.  I think I can do that.  The kids did not disappoint me.  All of them are such "hams". Why should I have worried?  A big thank-you to my awesome daughters and sons for allowing us to influence their children's little lives for a whole week.  It is amazing what you can teach children through song and art. My only worry is how will we top what God did this year??  Oh, yea, He will be here next year too!! I learned or re-learned that you do forget pain.  About Wed. I thought " I just don't know if I can continue to do this". But we made it through and then when they showed off so well what they had learned I knew it had to go on.  I will be putting all of you grandparents out there who are raising their grandchildren for whatever reason on my uppermost prayer list.  (For real- many of you are in my church).  Hats off and praise to these wonderful people. We did something different this year that I hope will become a tradition. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Sammy hosted us for a family picnic and reunion at their farm in Laneville.  It was  absolutely wonderful.  HEH! Aunt Sharon I know what.. you can have your own grandmother camp the same week that we do and then we can come together on Saturday for one big grand finale.. That is what God is doing with us here.  He is training us by growing us in families to live with Him in heaven forever.  Sure, there are sorrows along the way.  We have all had them, but we are not going to waste our sorrows, but instead learn from them . I truly believe that those who have had the most sorrows and learned the most from them are going to be way up there in heaven!! I will be honored to know you.  I learned that I am not suppose to C-O-V-E-T, but I do ask for your prayers as I come down from this heavenly place and back to work at the bank on Monday.  I know that God has had me there for all these years for something and I cannot slack off now.  In this too I must persevere until my days are done there so that I will be well pleasing in His sight whether I'm teaching my grandchildren the Ten Commandments or helping struggling souls with their filthy lucre (Bible-speak for money).  Leave a legacy--make memories everyday..