Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grandmother & Papa Camp 2010-Midweek Progress

Well, this post will be brief, but I just wanted to pass along 2 valuable lessons this ole Grandmother has learned or maybe re-learned.  It is amazing what you can teach young clean, uncluttered minds.  That is why Jesus said: "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not".  It is Wednesday and they know all of the Ten Commandments and most of them in order.  I can yell out Commandment number 3 :: And they can say: "Do not take the Lord's name in vain" or Honor God's name.  The second thing I have seen over and over is that it is the simple things that they learn the most from; unstructured play or as they say "free play"gives such opportunity for sharing and being kind and working out their own problems.  It is hard to just get out of the way and let them, but it really works.  I call them my "city mice" and they do not get much of this kind of time.   I know it is a different world that this generation of mothers and daddies are raising children in, but please for their sake let them think they are doing a few things on their own.  We never leave them unsupervised because you just can't do that today, but we do try to stay back a little and let them grow..  Well, we just fall into bed each night with precious little time to rest up for tomorrow, but we can see the end.  Tomorrow will be our last full day of God's Top Ten.  We must put together our "closing ceremonies" program.  Yes, it's gonna be so cute if they will cooperate and grandmother & papa will truly shine.  Yes, just a little pride oozing out there.  I'm sure God will remind Who is to get the glory.  Yes, it's Him and Him alone who deserves all the praise... Friday is the big day that they have all been waiting for.  Not the Ten Commandments, not staying up late, not eating anything anytime they want, not the zoo, or even swimming at Bro Wayne's & Ms Donna's pool.  But are you ready for the best thing they are going to get to do.  Go to the movies & see Toy Story 3!!!.  Yep, I told you they were city mice.  But praise the Lord how I love them.  Even if they love Woody & Buz Lightyear more than Thou shall not covet!!.  I will give the grand finale a little later next week.  I do have another week of vacation to rest up.