Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day & Grandmother & Papa Camp

Our Pastor encouraged us on Sunday to be sure and remember those who gave their lives for our country along with whatever else we were going to do on this Memorial Day holiday.  As I was going through some old pictures and other stuff in my "craft room", I came across some old pictures of "Papa Glen" as he was serving our country.  I stopped and prayed a prayer of gratitude not only for his service, but for the fact that he was sitting downstairs in his recliner and that I was not in some cemetery placing flowers on his grave.  Many wives did that today. Help us all that are free, to remember why.  On a lighter note:  I did make great headway in getting ready for the yearly event known as Grandmother Camp. I put together the music and the main craft. So, heh, bring'em on...Then I stopped to check the ole blog and saw that my family and friends are supporting me as usual. Thank you.  Now I will ask you to pray that Papa & I will have the stamina to make the week.  Especially Papa, because you see the week before camp he has Vacation Bible School with a room full of 3&4 year olds at church.. Wow!! What a guy... Our 4 "grands" will come with all parts fully engaged and their will be precious little down time.  Let the games begin. I can't wait.  Praise the Lord I will have another week of vacation left to rest up before going back to work. Whew!!