Wednesday, August 18, 2010


These are the first 3 words from II Samuel 11:2 (NKJV).  As I have been preparing this week for my
Sunday School lesson on David and Bathsheba these words caught my heart and I've had a hard time getting past them.

So I want to share them with you all and maybe then I can move on the the real lesson.
However, these words are probably the "real" lesson for me individually.  When something
jumps out at you... it's usually what the Lord wants you to see.

This phrase is used 3 times in some form in the 11th chapter of II Samuel
 so that's a good indication that it is important.

In David's case he had just come home from many successful battles and life was good.
The only problem he was not where he was supposed to be.  You see the springtime was when kings went to war and David chose to stay home.
                                                 THEN IT HAPPENED!!
Things are great, all is well.  It's all good.  Life can't get any better.
                                                  THEN IT HAPPENED!!
If you know the story, you know that "IT" was David's gross sin with Bathsheba that
ultimately led to the breaking of 4 of the 10 commandments and this by the greatest king
Israel ever had... and "a man after God's own heart".

           But this is not the way THEN IT HAPPENED always is.  It could be that life is
as bad as we think it could possibly get.  Kids are driving us crazy to the point that we might
be even considering our sanity in even wanting them in the first place;
 or maybe you 're wondering whether the house note will be paid this month,
 or if it's really going to be beans & rice forever; or maybe your health is failing
or your marriage seems to be over.  Hang on THEN IT HAPPENED could be just around
the next dawn.

Something happened to change everything.  This is the way it was with David. His willful sin changed everything forever.  Forgiven yes, praise God yes, but the consequences lasted the rest of his life.

But God also changes our bad times too--just because He can & because He wills.  Have you ever had that experience?  You thought that life would never be any better and
                                                     THEN IT HAPPENED???
Night was turned into glorious day and everything changes? It might be that all that changes is
your attitude or perspective, but nevertheless life is abundant instead of redundantly unbarable.

I'd like to hear your    THEN IT HAPPENED  whether good or bad.
Because you see I happen to believe that we've all got some good & bad
                                   THEN IT HAPPENED-S
We must encourage each other and sharing our life experiences will do just that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just a short note tonight about our good intentions that might be:

                             Noble-----Logical------Uplifting----God Honoring---

But not God's Intentions or Purpose for our Life

In II Samuel  7 David wanted to build a Temple for God so he tells Nathan the prophet what he wants to do.  Nathan says:  "Sure go for it because I know God is with you"

The only problem is neither one had asked God about this God Honoring Project.

God makes it be known this is not for David to do, but his son Solomon.  So David
had to give up this dream.  For you see David's dream was too small. God had somthing much BIGGER and more important as His purpose for David's life.
                       God was going to build David a house (a dynasty)

In II Samuel 7 we find the Davidic Covenant... Which basically is God promising that there
will always be a decendant of David on the throne - FOREVER.
                    This is the "House" or lineage our Savior came from. Now David had the means. He could have said: "No, I'm gonna do this thing because in my eyes it's the right thing to do...And besides I need to build my legacy at this point"..(This is what a lot of our nation's leaders are doing instead of helping the country...oops, my politics are showing) He would have missed the great blessing God had for him and for us.
Have you ever had to give up on a dream because you realized that it was not
                                          GOD'S INTENTION for you to do it?????
How did you respond?  Check out how David responded... He sat before the
                                          Presence of the Lord and asked "Who am I"???

God desires that we be surrendered to his Purpose and not our Plans...Even if we have to
let go of a dream.
          Now I know this is hard, because I've had a few dreams I've had to let go of, but I have found that

Ephesians 3:20 is exactly correct.

"... He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us..."                

Oh that we would be surrender our Good Intentions 
for God's Intentions..  I would love to hear some of your surrendered dreams and how you

Sunday, August 1, 2010


(Birthday Boy in Yellow)
Today is my oldest brother's birthday.  So yesterday I hosted a birthday dinner in his honor.

                                             He is 60 + 1

And even though the thought to do this didn't "hit" me until Tuesday, all but one of his family members were able to attend.  My kids & grandkids of course were not here because of distance & church obligations :(     but his were here, and after all it was his party.

As I was cleaning & and cooking for the late afternoon event I thought: "It feels like I'm cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner"----- Little did I know that before the day was over that would be exactly what it was---a Thanksgiving in July- legacy- making- day..

Now I am the oldest of three siblings.....

                           I am 60 + 2 (and proud of it)

First I must give credit to my precious sister -in- law for keeping us together after our parents died.  Thank you, Sis for teaching me-- I think I've finally got it now... For you see, besides the Lord, your family is the most important thing on this earth. Stay as close & connected as miles will allow & heh--today with so many technological ways to communicate, miles are only a small problem.
           We shared our intimate sorrows & and joys,
                       we reminisced about childhood pranks,
         we posthumously thanked our parents for our "raising",
                       the guys played washers in the back yard
       the gals played dolls--with the real live 9 mo. old doll (granddaughter) in the cool house
We picked, played, and sang some of the old hymns of the faith.                                                                                                                                      

Yes we did all of those things we used to do years ago before we got so techno-advanced.  I guess the only thing that we didn't do of yester-year was sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by and wonder: "where are they going so late in the evening"?... LOL !! What a blessing; but the thanksgiving part came at the end of the evening when my brother said:


I do not have to go into all of the implications in his life that brought about that statement for some of you to understand exactly what he's talking about.  Most of us have been there.  But it takes courage to say it out loud, especially to your sister, and more especially to your God.

So if you feel that your life has fallen apart or if you are praying for someone whose life has fallen apart..

                            REJOICE AND BE EXCEEDINGLY GLAD...because God has got you, got them where He can put it back together again His Way.... which is the only way it will work..

No Thanksgiving day in November has been more joyous or more blessed than July 31st 2010 at my brothers 61st Birthday Bash.  I've only been praying for this day 45 years.  So dear ones, whatever you're praying for  ---- DON'T QUIT!!!

God has us all in the palm of His hands and

  "He makes all things beautiful in His time." Ecc. 3:11