Friday, August 12, 2011

A Summer of Service

Well, we have survived the summer. Grandmother Camp was a roaring success.  We learned all about freedom, our America and some of the people who helped to give us the wonderful country that we have. The finale production was complete with flags, banners, patriotic readings and lively songs. The best thing I learned was from the youngest member, J.P. One day at lunch he said: “ You take what you git and you don’t throw a fit.” Now I understand that little ditty is as old as Methusalah, but I had never heard it.  Honestly!! Our family has definitely learned in the last 8 months that this little truth is so important in the living of life.  Our lives are certainly a lot different than we would have expected 8 months ago.  But nonetheless, we are not throwing a fit, or a pity party.  Sorrowing yes, crying some yes, but the only fit going on is knowing that He is “fitting” us for His Kingdom.

The beginning of our summer started with a miracle of a sort.  I was retired early from my job at the bank.  I had planned to retire in 2 years.  Well, God had a different plan and it is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me since I can’t remember when.  He truly knows best.  He knew I would never willingly quit a good paying job to stay home and help with the new life that we have all been called upon to live.  So I say with the hundreds of others:  “ I do not know how I ever worked 8-10 hours a day away from home. Now my days are filled with much more meaningful work and I praise Him for all of His wonderful ways. Truly His ways are not our ways.  Great is Your faithfulness Lord unto me.!!

Penny had her first experience of teaching VBS (Vacation Bible School). Of course I had to put  my two cents worth in since I  taught 5th grade VBS for several years albeit decades ago. But mostly I just kept her kids so she could get her “Big Apple Adventure room ready.  The greatest treasure of this years’ VBS was that my granddaughter said yes to the call of Jesus on her little life.  Praise God ! That is why we do it. 
The McComber/Franklin gang had a great time at Disney World with no major clitches. 
They made it safely there and back. Which was an answer to my daily prayer.  It looked like Santa had come when all four kids got their stuff unloaded.  What memories they made.
Then on to being a teacher’s assistant as Penny began to put her classroom together. Wow! What a great job she did.. It was my honor to help her.  It brought back memories of several years ago when I helped Glenda get her first classroom ready.

Today Penny began her first official day of “In-Service”.  Why do they call the week before school starts “In-Service” ? Seems to me they are “In-Service” for 10-11 months out of the year!! Such a good reminder for me as a servant for the Lord that I am to be “in-service” everyday of the year.  I felt really bad because John would have had a big celebration.  Maybe I will be a better servant on Monday August 22 when school starts and have a big send off for all 3 of the Franklins. I am open to any ideas.  I am not the celebrating type, but I can learn.

So, now I am to what I do best; being a nanny, a cook, and a housekeeper and oh yes, a grandmother. Even in the ordinary everyday routine of life we are building memories, growing and learning to be more like our Lord.  

The next big hurdle for us is that August 31, 2011 will be the last official day for our beloved pastor Charles Roberts . He is retiring after 35 years of faithful, loving service to this body of believers at Denman Avenue Baptist Church.  I am happy for him because he is not in good health and as I said above being retired is a wonderful thing.  I know that he will not retire from serving the Lord, but he will be able to do his service as he is able.  I love this shepherd of the Lord and will miss him tremendously. 

Life is all about change though; so we move forward in whatever God has called us to.  Our part is to learn and live in such a way that those who come after us will love and honor the LORD until their time comes to learn and live and pass it on and learn and live and pass it on…that living legacy that we are all building. God’s Word says in  PSALMS 127: 1  “Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…. How’s your legacy building project coming along??

Love in Him,

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