Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lanita's Listening

      One of my favorite TV preachers is Charles Stanley.  He has a favorite phrase: "If you're listening, say Amen." As I began to prepare for my Sunday School lesson for Sunday I realized the new unit is going to be about Freedom. So what, you might ask.  Let me share with you the last four lessons and see what you think. The unit four months ago was Grieving and Comfort (John's moving to heaven only 1 month past); after that the month of lessons was on Leadership ( fired from a job of 32 years); the month we're ending Sunday is on Proper Perspective on Possessions (still adjusting to half the salary- I retired and am drawing Social Security and Bank Pension, but that is half what I was making. Now, as I look ahead the month of July we are going to study Freedom (Grandmother & Papa camp will be an attempt to teach our Christian heritage to the 4 grandkids ages 4-10. It's name this year is Red,White,Blue, You..and begins July 11th).

       Until today I had doubts about that being any fun and perhaps not age appropriate.. Now I know I am right on track.  In fact, I just believe He might be reading my mail...or ......could it be, let it be...that I am finally listening to Him.. Jeremiah 33: 3 is known as God's phone number. Believe me I know His number..for He says: "Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things which you don't have a clue about." (Lanita's paraphrase)
       Pray for us as we continue to meld 2 families and especially pray for Grandmother & Papa camp. I want my grandkids to know that this is a great country that was originally founded on Christian principles. God bless our America. This land is our land, God ordained it's founding; and I want them to know that.

Love in Him,

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