Thursday, September 9, 2010


Now I know 2 posts in the same day is going to blow my daughter Penny from Living Above-Away, but I was reading Charles Spurgeon last night and he says in one of his Farm Sermons that we should go out into nature more often because that's where God put the first man and that being so He will connect with us there in so many different ways.  And also after reading "Lessons from Gumbo" also from  Living Above (Can you tell that I like Living Above)??  I decided to mow my yard this morning. I had used the weed eater but missed a tall blade of grass at the edge of the drive-way.  So I just bent down to pull it up the old fashioned way; you know hands & knees.

 And then came the lesson.

  It takes very little dirt for a weed to grow & flourish. Do you know that blade of grass that was causing such an unsightly view of my otherwise perfectly mown yard was in hardly no soil, just a little dirt and lodged between 2 rocks..Unbelievable!! However, if you want a plant to grow, especially one that will give you food, it takes good soil, fertilizer, water and lots of tending. So if you only want weeds in your spiritual life it doesn't take much.  Any old dirt or rock will do, no special food, and no tending.  Just do nothing and there you will have the best crop of weeds Satan can give you.  BUT if you want a flourishing crop of spiritual food you must first Know the Gardner and then sow your seed in His Word and just watch a crop of bountiful things grow, but not without tending everyday.

 Jesus has an excellent parable about this in Mark 4:1-9 . I won't go into it, but the words I will share with you from this story are: no depth and withered away.  Not words I want to be associated with!!

Remember it only takes a little doing nothing for a weed to flourish.  Pull them out everyday .. " All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing".. (Jim Elliott--I forget??? ) I know some of you out there will know who that was by.. 

Share with us:  How does your garden grow??


  1. Excellent, Lanita! I'll never look at a weed the same way again. :o) Thanks for the inspiring words. Happy Thursday! :o)

    Larri at Seams Inspired

  2. Hi.. im so glad you stopped by Glass of Sweet Tea.. and thank you for the sweet comments..
    And how true when you said the Message puts it in good terms, and expresses it so that I know for a fact that God is on my side..
    I look forward to getting to become blogging buddies and thanks for adding me to your list..
    I will be back to visit again real soon..
    Have a blessed weekend..

  3. Wow! Yes, wow that you posted twice in one day and Wow! what a message - do you want to teach my class this Sunday?!

  4. Hi. I am visiting from Penny's blog. Just love her so wanted to come say hi to her mom.
    Great point about doing nothing. I was just reading about how an idle mind is Satan's playground.

  5. How true, Sis. You and your wonderful daughter can take the most simple things in life and give us lessons we relate to and can take with us. The analogies you use are easy to remember and therefore easily recalled to be repeated when opportunities arise to share our love for Christ in our every day lives. Thank you for sharing. Love you.