Thursday, September 9, 2010


God's Word is always relevant, but this morning as I ready Proverbs  22:28  which says:

"do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set"

my legacy theme just jumped out at me.  When we neglect our extended family ties this is basically what we are doing.  For years I have been "away" not estranged, but just unconnected with my 2 brothers and their families; and I only live one hour away from them.  But this year has been the year of reconnecting with them and it has been such a blessing.

Blog friends do not remove the ancient landmark which was set by your fathers.  No matter what... and I do realize there are a lot of "whats" out there to hinder this, but do all you can as often as you can to keep in touch with those that your fathers & mothers established for you.  There is a reason why God set you in that family and it was not just so you would have a sibling when you were young.  Our family ties mold us & are a tool for God to use in our lives.  Keep the home fires burning. 


  1. Wow! This is the line the got me thinking the most... "God set you in that family and it was not just so you would have a sibling when you were young."

    Thanks Mom for this wonderful reminder!! You're making me want to call your daughter, oh! I mean my sister now! LOL!

    Love, love your posts!

  2. You've given me "something" to think about. A whole big lot of "something" to think about. I cannot conceive of a way to repair, replace, or renew family connection that lie in disrepair across the American continent. But God can. I think I'll ask Him.

    (Thanks to Penny for calling my attention to this post.)

  3. Oh, what a post that warms my heart. It has added such joy to our lives to be able to spend time with you and Rex. As I mentioned on the way to the cemetery last Sunday, "You have always been there for me in the hard times (NEVER forsaking us) but what a blessing it is to share in the happier times of our lives". God has truly blessed us with this time and I am glad that we are spending it growing as a family and in His Love. Love you, Sis.