Monday, September 6, 2010


Sometimes what we want to do and what we do, gets covered up by "real life".  I have been away for a few weeks now and I miss my connection in this "world".  However, there is a reason.  My work has been very hectic and my heart has been really heavy for a co-worker whose daughter is in a life threatening health situation. She has recently had a baby and she now has MRSA. It is still touch & go. So all of my extra energy has been given to prayer and support for this one in my life.  It is especially near to my heart because this young woman is my youngest daughters age (35).  To think that my Glenda or Penny could be in a situation like this just overwhelms me at times. But then I remember our great God, Jehovah- Rapha, our  Healer. I go to Him and find the comfort and energy I need to not only fill in for her mother at work, but stay the course in prayer.  So to all of Lanita'sLegacy followers please be patient.  I will return and after all, that's what legacys are made of --REAL have my heart...

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes this morning! I have just finished praying for this precious family myself. Keep us all posted as you journey this season of "real Life".

    We'll all still be here when you get back!