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    It has been many months since my last post ; but this morning I just have to share a life moment .  My last post was "One Thing".  Well, today I want to talk about Many Little Things. So often we forget to praise Him for the many little things He does everyday for us.  I hope to instill in my children and grandchildren that LIFE is made up of "little things" and not just the big life changers.  So what's all the little hallelujahs about?
 Back in the summer Glenda gave me a pair of earrings that said "My Grandkids Rock".  Well, you might guess where this is going...yes, I lost them.  Now, they came from Sam Moon so not a great monetary loss, but I loved those earrings and wore them a lot.  I looked where I knew I had put them and only found ONE!! Well, I looked and re-looked (bookshelf in bathroom) and still no earring.  So I gave up and Penny said, "don't worry Mom we'll get you some more."  Isn't it funny how when you get older the little things are what matter and the big things you've just learned to trust God for??? Oooo...that will preach!
        Anyway, yesterday I picked up one of my devotional books that I keep on that bookshelf in the bathroom AND inside that book was the missing earring.  Now you tell me how that earring jumped inside that book?  I do not even read this particular one that often, but this day I decided to.  Well,  NOW my devotional that day had nothing to do with what was printed in that book (sorry Kay Arthur), but it was all about this little thing that God had given to me.

                                JUST   ONE  MORE  and I'll let you get to your own "little things"........

          This morning I got to looking for a book..RABBONI by Phillip Keller.  Of course this Sunday is Easter and since this is the Name that Mary called Jesus at the garden tomb, I thought that it might have some insight for me.  I was so delighted to find the book relatively easily.  (My library is in terrible disarray) However, the last section (106) pages was missing!!! And of course that was the section I needed for my research.  Well, once again I'm on the hunt and not for Easter eggs!.  I gave up.  Then I thought no, it's got to be in that library!  So I started searching shelf by shelf, book by book.  Hallelujah!! There it was!! You've been there.  So happy, happy, happy to find something that has been lost.  (ooooo..another sermon).  Well, that's TWO Little Things in as many days that God has blessed me with.

            Will the earrings make my "look" as I wear them?  NO!  Will that portion of Rabboni that I will  
read impact my Sunday School lesson? Probably not!  BUT GOD, wanted me to see that HE is in the little things of our lives. And if we miss them.....well, we miss most of life.

             Don't miss His Life today.  Glory in the MANY LITTLE THINGS that HE provides so richly for us to enjoy.

Love in Him,

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