Sunday, October 23, 2011

Legacy Building Afternoon

I had a great time this afternoon with my grandchildren while their mommy is sick. It got me to thinking though.  In years to come will they remember a cloudy Sunday afternoon when their mommy was sick and grandmother played DSI games, read Bible stories, and helped with Awana bible books memorization?  We worked on the hardest twelve in the Bible.  Even Bible woman grandmother had to brush up on these 12. How would you do?

Hosea          Jonah          Habakkuk      Zechariah
Joel              Micah         Zephaniah      Malachi
Amos           Nahum       Haggai

These are the hardest to remember because we do not use them very much.  I mean; when is the last time  your pastor said "turn in your Bibles to Zephaniah 2"???

Anyway, I was just wondering .........someday in the future will the brother & sister be reminiscing and say: "remember the afternoon not long after our daddy died and mommy was sick and grandmother read to us, played DSI games with us and helped us learn the books of the Bible, then dressed us in our Bible hero costumes for Awanas???

Not tooting my own horn here, but just pondering where all of this will end up?  Hopefully more than just a memory, but if that's all; it was worth it to this grandmother.

We are leaving a legacy; but our question should be of what "sort" it is?

                                  Make a memory today.
                                                        It will do your heart good.

Love in Him,

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