Thursday, June 10, 2010


Grandmother & Papa Camp 2010 doesn't officially begin until Monday June 14th... but we get the first installment of campers tomorrow night and the other 2 Saturday morning.  All of you bloggers out there please pray for traveling safety as we do the grandkid shuffle. Then of course pray for us as we attempt to have one glorious week learning God's Top Ten aka the Ten Commandments.  But most of all pray that we will build memories that age & time will not erase.  Stay tuned!! If time and stamina will allow I will be sharing as the week progresses!!


  1. And pictures too I hope! I can teach you how to do this if you want! On another note - we are SOOOOOOO ready for them to be there! We almost put them in the car last night and drove them there ourselves! Come on.... Saturday!

    love - all love!

  2. I'm going to be a little sad - there's no internet where we're going!!! Guess I'll have to catch up at the closing ceremonies!