Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandmother & Papa Camp 2010

One of the best things that we are doing to lengthen our legacy is Grandmother Camp.  We started this four years ago and it is a time when all 4 grandchildren come to Grandmother & Papa's for a week of fun and learning about God and His Kingdom.  I took the idea from a great Christian minister Esther Burroughs.  We always have a camp theme so that we have a learning base during the week.  Year one was "Down by the Creekbank" and we learned about God's world through the old Dottie Rambo kids musical of the same name. Year two was I-Hymns and they all got  I-Pods and we learned old classic Baptist Hymns; you know the ones we hardly ever sing anymore.  Year three was "Facebooks" and we learned the books of the Bible through the faces of the men who wrote them.  This fourth year is "God's Top Ten" and we are going to learn the Ten Commandments. Because regardless of what is or is not politically correct, they are still God's Law and very relevant for all ages today. It is a very intense week for the grandparents because we are 60-something and the youngest grandchild is 3, but it is such a blessing to watch these 4 children who rarely get to see each other come together right where they left off and have a wonderful time together. I pray that we will have the bodily stamina to continue this tradition as long as they will come. I do realize that the time will come when they will not want to come, but hopefully that is a few years away.  So young mothers encourage your children's grandparents to start a time of baby sitting made meaningful by throwing in a little Bible learning.  Even if they do go to their church's Vacation Bible School, that's is still precious little time in God's Word .  One more week would certainly be great.  It is not all Bible stuff though.  We go to the zoo, we go to friends gardens and pick peas, we go to the movies and we play games and crafts. Oh, the crafts are the best.  My oldest daughter Penny asked 6-year old Jordan what her favorite time at grandmother Camp was and she said.  "Craft-time in Grandmother's craft room".  I have a large room upstairs that used to be a sewing room and now it has become the craft room.  We have a 4x8 table to work on and plenty of space to do just about whatever. Penny then asked Jordan why that was her favorite time and she said: "Because that's where we learn about Jesus."  Well, friends that's why we do it.  That will take me at least 5 or 6 more years!! Make memories today with your children and then one day they will make memories for your grandchildren.  
I close out this post with the verse of Scripture that is my Biblical guide for this special week of our lives.

Deuteronomy 6:4-7:  "Hear, Oh Israel! The Lord is our God, the LORD alone.  And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all you soul, and all your strength.  And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands I am giving you today.  Repeat them again and again to your children.  Talk about them when you are at home and when you are away on a journey, when you are lying down and when you are getting up again.    


  1. We are all counting down the days for Grandmother Camp! They are going to learn so much from you & Dad!!! Thanks so much for giving of yourselves!!!

  2. Take good notes Sister, so I will have the information when I do "grandparent" camp.

  3. What a treasure for the kids! That verse is the first verse I spoke to each of the kids when they came out of the womb.

    We're proud of you guys!

  4. What a wonderful role model you grandparents are. We are all doing our best to live up to your example. Our grandchildren are the future and only we can lead them in the path or our Lord. Thank you for being leaders for all of us and helping us down the right path. I pray for both of you and your continuing ministry to us all.